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How to Save Money With Facebook A/B Testing—No Matter Your Budget

Whether you have one dollar or thousands of dollars to spend per day on your Facebook ads, keeping costs low by serving great ads is the name of the game. But what you think is a great ad may not actually be the greatest ad. With A/B testing, you can systematically nail down what the data says is the perfect ad for your audience.

But while Facebook A/B testing can help you to lower costs, you may be looking to lower costs precisely because you have a low budget. That’s why we’re going to focus on how to run effective A/B tests in a cost-effective manner.

Read on to learn:

  • Why Facebook A/B testing is important.
  • How to carry out Facebook A/B testing the right way.
  • Types of Facebook A/B tests you can run.
  • Ways to save time and money with Facebook A/B testing.
  • Budgeting tips for Facebook A/B testing.

Why Facebook A/B testing is important

Competing in Facebook ads means you can’t just set it and forget it. Once you launch a campaign, it won’t run consistently—you will need to check in on it, analyze performance, test constantly, and continue optimizing in an effort to see success. Here are some other reasons to run Facebook A/B tests.

  1. Facebook is finicky. What works well for some time may suddenly shift due to algorithmic changes or, quite often, unknown or irrational reasons.
  2. Lower costs. With testing, we can learn, gain valuable insights about our audiences, find out what does and does not resonate with them, and lower our costs over time.
  3. Reach your whole audience. What may captivate one user in an audience may not with another, so it’s best practice to always run tests in your campaigns.

For example, our custom window insert client, Indow Windows, saw a dip in their lead volume and an increase in cost per lead for one lower-funnel ad set.

To see if we could improve performance, we launched a duplicate campaign that optimized for awareness rather than conversions. Within two weeks, we raised their lead volume for this audience 1800% and reduced their cost per lead 94%.

facebook a/b testing results 1800% increase in leads

While warmer audiences tend to perform well with lower-funnel campaign objectives, that isn’t always the case, as we can see here. Another added benefit to testing upper-funnel campaign objectives with lower-funnel audiences is that you can accomplish your goals at significantly lower costs (more on that later).

How to carry out Facebook A/B testing (the RIGHT way)

According to Adespresso, a good split test can increase ROI by 10x. So let’s make sure you know all of the steps of a good split test.

1. Determine your goal

The basic concept of Facebook A/B testing is to set a goal and then see which ad variation performs best to accomplish said goal. Here are some examples of goals you might be looking to achieve with your testing:

  • If you are looking to drive more website traffic at a lower cost, test optimizing for link clicks in one ad set and landing page views in another ad set to see which can get you lower CPCs.
  • If you are looking to drive more leads at a lower cost, test out a lead generation campaign objective versus a website traffic campaign objective (where you are sending people to a dedicated lead generation landing page) to see which can get you more leads at a lower cost.
  • If your goal is to drive more video views, test out several video variations using the same copy or one video with several ad copy variations to see which one audiences watch a longer duration, according to the % watched metrics.
  • Looking to improve your CTR? Test 2-3 ad copy variations using one creative in the first round of testing. If the CTR is low (below 1%), this is typically indicative of your ads not resonating with your audience, so test new ad copy. If that doesn’t work, test a new audience. If your CTR is above 1%, test new creatives to see if you can raise it further to a healthy 2%+.

2. Determine your variable

There are dozens of variables to test with your Facebook ads. We’ll go over variables in more depth in the next section, but here is the shortlist:

  • Campaign objectives
  • Audiences
  • Optimization
  • Ad level elements (copy, headline, creative, CTA, etc.)
facebook a/b testing with creative as variable

Image source

For this example, let’s say our goal is to increase conversions and our variable is ad copy.

3. Launch your first round of testing

In order for us to understand which ad copy variation is our winner(s), we will want to launch 2-3 ads that are identical except for the ad copy. If we test more than one variable, then we won’t know if it was truly the ad copy that made a difference.

4. Use Facebook’s data AND your own

As your test runs, check in to see how it’s going in the first few days. Make sure the ad set is out of the “Learning Period” before making any optimizations. What you may notice is that Facebook will somewhat quickly choose a favorite one or two of your active ads based on performance. But use your data as well to determine which ad(s) is/are the true winners.

If, for example, Facebook notices fewer impressions with an ad, but your data shows that it has a higher CTR higher or that it’s driving conversions at a lower cost, keep it running! Again, use the data.

5. Disable underperforming ads and move to the next variable

Once you run your ads long enough to see how performance is going, disable the ad(s) that were your underperformers and then determine what you want to test next. Oftentimes, after testing ad copy, we will then test creatives. So we’ll apply the winning ad copy to each of the ads, but change out the creatives to see which combination of copy and creatives are driving the most conversions.

6. Rinse and repeat

Continue building with one single variable at a time. The more we test, find winners, and improve our performance, Facebook rewards us with lower ad costs.

What to A/B test in your Facebook ads

As mentioned above, there are several different variables you can test in your Facebook ads. Just make sure that you’re picking the best one for the metric you want to improve, and that you’re only testing one variable at a time.

Here is a closer look at variables you can test:

1. Campaign objectives

Currently, there are 11 campaign objectives to choose from.

campaign objectives you can compare with facebook a/b testing

Lead gen vs traffic campaign

Perhaps you want to see if you can drive leads using a lead generation campaign and another using the traffic campaign. We do this often for our clients that want to increase sales leads or want to acquire more email subscribers.

What we’ve seen from testing this across accounts and verticals is that lead gen campaigns drive higher lead volumes and at lower costs, however, they tend to also have lower quality leads.

On the flip side, traffic campaigns sending users to a lead generation dedicated landing page to complete a form there and off of Facebook, results in fewer leads at slightly higher costs, however, lead quality tends to be higher as people are more interested to learn more and leave the social platform to complete your form.

While this has been our experience, see how it performs for you and whether quantity or quality are your goal.

Website traffic vs conversion campaigns

Another way to A/B test campaign objectives is to see if you can drive more purchases or other conversions through a website traffic campaign versus a conversions campaign. Both can accomplish your conversion goal but in some instances, we’ve seen traffic campaigns drive more purchases at a lower cost. Upper funnel campaigns tend to be lower in cost, so it may be a worthwhile test for you and an effective way to have your budget go further.

2. Audiences

Test various native and custom audiences in your ad sets. If your goal is to drive people to purchase a water bottle, some audiences you may want to test are people interested in water bottles, another targeting people interested in a competitors water bottle company, and a third may be your customer lookalikes.

3. Optimization

Each campaign type has optimization goal settings within its ad sets. For example, if you use the website traffic campaign, you can optimize for link clicks or landing page views. Test an ad set that uses one of each to see which performs better for you. Do you want more people clicking to the site and getting tagged with the Pixel or do you want perhaps fewer people but more interested in your content and allowing the landing page to fully load? Which one is lower in cost and can still accomplish my goals?

optimization and delivery facebook ab testing

4. Ad level elements

There are plenty of other options to test at the ad set level but let’s move down to the ad level as that too, contains a number of variables that can make or break a campaign and impact costs. For example:

  • Ad copy length (short vs long)
  • Headlines
  • Creatives (single image/video or carousel)
  • Calls to action
  • Landing pages

Determine which you want to test at a given time with your various audiences and campaigns. Remember, don’t test more than variable at a time, unless, of course, you’re running dynamic ads.

facebook a/b testing example with headlines

Image source

3 cost-effective methods of Facebook A/B testing

We know that testing our Facebook ads will ultimately save us money and increase revenue, but it can get expensive. Here are some tactics you can use to test your ads economically.

1. Run dynamic ad campaigns

Manual testing of ads is great, but if you want to move faster in serving ads, testing, learning, and optimizing on a limited budget, dynamic ads are an excellent way to do this.

Dynamic ads quickly and effectively test various ad level assets while also saving time and money. By leveraging the system to put together combinations of ad copy and creatives together for you, especially in your prospecting campaigns, can give you quick insights through this system-led testing option.

an example of a facebook dynamic ad for facebook a/b testing

If you have a product catalog, set up dynamic product ads in your retargeting campaigns so users that previously looked at those products and didn’t purchase, can come back more efficiently and complete their purchase.

The Facebook dynamic ads feature uses automation to test different combinations of ad copy and creatives for you and will then serve those combinations accordingly.

2. Test upper-funnel campaign objectives

If you have a small budget, say $10/day, but your product or service costs much more than that. You may want to test upper-funnel campaign objectives that are less expensive to have your budget go further.

As we mentioned earlier, if you can’t drive many conversions, particularly for a higher priced product or service, a conversion campaign is not going to perform well and Facebook will charge you quite a bit.

Instead, try an awareness, reach, or website traffic campaign to re-engage with your warm audiences. While the campaign is optimizing for other goals, people can still convert if you add a landing page URL to your ad.

We implement this tactic quite a bit to cut down on costs or help clients find more success on smaller budgets and we often see higher CTRs and lower CPAs compared to some conversion campaigns.

We find that upper-funnel campaign objectives help clients to test on smaller budgets, and often lead to higher CTRs and lower CPAs compared to some conversion campaigns.

3. Use the ad set level budget

Advertisers can choose from two budget setting options in Ads Manager, one of them being at the campaign level using Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO) and the other at the ad set level.

CBO can work well for prospecting audiences that use similar size audiences in the ad sets within, however, it does not work very well for small audiences, as we may see when testing smaller budgets or in retargeting campaigns. When working with smaller budget accounts, we typically recommend using ad set level budget so you have more manual control on how much you spend, how, and where.

When working with smaller budget accounts, we typically recommend using ad set level budget so you have more manual control on how much you spend, how, and where.

How much should I budget for Facebook A/B testing?

You can start with as little as $1/day. Yes, you read that right. Though, there are some caveats. It depends on your campaign type.

With top-of-funnel campaigns such as reach, awareness, and engagement, we have seen success in running ads and boosted posts to various audiences.

However, if you want to test lower-funnel consideration or conversion campaigns, a budget that small will not do. 

The smaller your budget, the slower the testing, learning, and optimizing will be. The more budget you can allocate, the quicker you can get out of the Learning Period, serve impressions, acquire performance data, learn, and take your next optimization steps.

If you can, try to spend at least $10/day to start and as you begin seeing good results and as you’re maxing out on your daily budget, increase your daily budget 10-15% per day.

If you scale too quickly, that can sometimes backfire if Facebook isn’t able to spend your budget that day and then it may lower the quality of your campaign, thus raising costs. This way, you can learn and grow without wasting money and scale forward.

How to test Facebook ads on a budget: recap

Facebook A/B testing is important not only because it affords us valuable insights and saves us money, but also because Facebook frequently undergoes algorithm changes. Let’s close off with a brief summary of how to run Facebook A/B tests on a budget:

The basic process of Facebook A/B testing is:

  • Determine your goal
  • Determine your variable
  • Launch your first set
  • Let data accumulate
  • Disable underperforming ads
  • Clone the winner and test a new variable
  • Repeat

Some of the best variables to test on a budget include:

  • Campaign objectives
  • Audiences
  • Optimization
  • Ad level variables

The best way to test your Facebook ads on a budget is to:

  • Run upper-funnel tests
  • Test upper-level campaign objectives
  • Use the ad set level budget

Finally, if you can, try to spend at least $10/day to start and as you begin seeing good results, increase your daily budget 10-15% per day.


50+ Free June Marketing Ideas for Sizzlin’ Hot Campaigns

June. School is out (was it ever in?) No more warm weather teasers. Accordions abound (What? We’ll get to that later). June is filled with freedom and fresh air, so you can’t afford stale marketing campaigns! While it’s important to identify and harness content types and topics that resonate with your audience, it’s equally as important to step out of your comfort zone and add some color and authenticity to your communication.

And thankfully, June has tons of great causes and holidays to make your summer marketing campaigns hot!

In this post, we’re going to set you up for free and easy June marketing wins so you can stay connected with your customers and attract even more of them.

  • A list of June awareness causes, themes, national days, and holidays.
  • Over 50 creative ideas for incorporating them into your articles, posts, events, and promotions.
  • Real examples of these ideas in action.

Without further ado, let’s kick this thing off.

June national awareness causes and themes

Here are the overarching focal points of June that you can use as a compass for your social media posts, blogs, emails, and promotions.

  • Give a Bunch of Balloons Month
  • DJ Month
  • Zoo and Aquarium Month
  • LGBTQIA Pride Month
  • Men’s Health Month
  • Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month
  • Camping Month
  • Great Outdoors Month
  • Homeownership Month
  • Iced Tea Month
  • PTSD Awareness Month
  • Safety Month
  • Accordion Awareness Month (who knew?)

June holidays and observance

There is an observance day for just about every niche out there, from gardeners to homeowners, dog owners to runners. The full list (with dates) is at the bottom of this post, but here are some notables:

  • Go Barefoot Day (June 1)
  • Leave The Office Early Day (June 2)
  • Repeat Day (June 3)
  • SAFE Day (June 4)
  • Donut Day – First Friday in June
  • Eyewear Day (June 6)
  • Higher Education Day  (June 6)
  • Gardening Exercise Day
  • Cancer Survivor’s Day – First Sunday in June
  • Best Friends Day (June 8)
  • Call Your Doctor Day – Second Tuesday in June
  • Making Life Beautiful Day (June 11)
  • Kitchen Klutzes of America Day (June 13)
  • Children’s Day – Second Sunday in June
  • Flag Day (June 14)
  • Garbage Man Day (June 17)
  • Splurge Day (June 18)
  • Juneteenth (June 19)
  • Father’s Day – Third Sunday in June
  • Summer solstice/first day of summer/ longest Day of the Year
  • Selfie Day (June 21)
  • HVAC Tech Day (June 22)
  • Take Your Dog to Work Day – Friday After Father’s Day
  • Beautician’s Day (June 26)
  • Sunglasses Day (June 27)
  • Insurance Awareness Day (June 28)
  • Social Media Day (June 30)

June marketing ideas for monthly themes

June is home to LGBTQ Pride Month, National Safety Month, National Great Outdoors Month, and more. Let’s go through some great ways to market your business with these June awareness causes.

LGBTQ Pride Month

The LGBTQ community is one of freedom, creativity, and expression. So why not corporate those themes into your associated campaigns?

And why not with a pride art or pride flag contest? Encourage your social media followers, or even other businesses and nonprofits in your neighborhood, to create their own pride flag or pride art and post it to social media. Make sure they use a specific hashtag so you can gather all entries and pick the winner(s).

june marketing ideas lgbtq pride drawing

Image source

Also, depending on your business, you can give away a couples-themed service, such as a couples massage session or photo shoot.

june marketing ideas facebook giveaway for couple photoshoot

Safety Month

Safety is a versatile topic that can apply to just about any audience. For example, here are some evergreen blog post ideas for different audiences:

  • Cyclers: 10 Must-Have Features for your Child’s Helmet; 10 Deadly Mistakes to Avoid When Riding at Night
  • Parents: Quiz: Are You Truly Keeping Your Baby Safe?
  • Businesses: 5 Ways to Safeguard Your Network Against Hackers
  • Millennials: 8 Social Media Safety Tips You Didn’t Know you Needed

You could also take a more seasonal approach by creating content around staying safe in the summer, or by handing out travel-sized sunscreen bottles in your store or with online orders for a limited time.

Of course, travel-related businesses can focus specifically on safe traveling during a pandemic.

june marketing ideas national safety month travel tips blog post

Image source

Great Outdoors Month

Ah, out of lockdown and into the outdoors! People will be particularly excited to get outside this year after so much time inside. Here are some ways to apply this theme to your marketing:

  • Create a blog or social media post on the best places around your state to get outside and experience nature. Ask your followers to share their favorite spots too.
  • You could also run a month-long email campaign that points out new ideas and places to visit each week.
  • If you hold indoor classes, host them outside!
  • Run a sidewalk sale (because hey, outdoors doesn’t have to mean sitting atop a mountain).
  • If there’s a local business near you that sells outdoor gear, see if they’ll donate some products for an “outdoors essentials” kit or even just a discount that you could offer in a giveaway. In return, you can promote their business on social media or even offer to donate your products at a relevant time.
  • Keep it simple and post a beautiful image with some outdoor inspo.
june marketing ideas great outdoors month inspirational post

Summer vacation/graduation

Celebrate the end of the school year with specials geared toward high school or college graduates. Some marketing ideas for you:

  • Moving companies can run special promotions for college grads.
  • Restaurants can offer a gift card to graduates who post a picture of themselves at your restaurant wearing their cap and gown. 
  • Catering and events businesses can post the dates in which their services are still available.
  • Don’t forget about graduation and teacher gifts!

Marketing ideas for June holidays

Before we get into the sillier of observance days, let’s take care of the two major holidays in June: Flag Day and Father’s Day.

Flag Day (Monday, June 14)

Flag Day is a great way to continue to celebrate America, after Memorial Day has passed and July 4th is still a few weeks away. It commemorates the day that the stars and stripes were adopted for the flag. Here are some marketing ideas for this day:

  • Incorporate an American flag theme into your offerings: American flag cookies, jewelry, clothing, and more.
  • See if you can find a creative way to incorporate stars and stripes into your content.
  • Offer discounts on red, white, or blue products you offer, whether that clothing, paint, or in the case below, fabric:
june marketing ideas flag day discounts

Father’s Day (Sunday, June 20)

Of course, you can offer discounts and sales on this day, but here are some other ways to promote your business. We’re always looking for ways to think outside the [tie] box when it comes to Father’s Day gifts.

  • Father’s Day gift guide: Compile some great gift ideas into a blog post, some of which can be your offerings. See if you can create a persona for the dads of your target audience. Are they young fathers? Old timers? Gardeners? Gadget lovers? Readers? There are tons of Father’s Day gift guides out there, so keep it targeted for your audience.
  • Gift baskets: Spare moms and kids from having to come up with ideas and put together creative gift baskets or combinations. Seeing everything together and artfully arranged gives added appeal.
june marketing ideas fathers day gift basket

Image source

  • Restaurants: Supply gift cards to your restaurant with a bottle from a local distillery or winery. 
  • Spa or salons: Run specials on men’s grooming supplies. Moms who come in to redeem their gift certificates from Mother’s Day will love the one-stop shopping!
  • Don’t forget about last-minute shoppers!
    While diligent shoppers make careful decisions to find the right brand or product, last-minute shoppers are looking to make the fastest decision with the lowest risk. Make your flexible return policy prominent in your marketing copy, such as with “No hassle returns!” or “No return deadlines!”

Marketing ideas for June national days

These observance days provide opportunities to stand out to customers and show your creative side. Let’s dive in!

Flip a Coin Day (June 1)

The first day of June is Flip a Coin Day. This holiday was made to celebrate math, but you can have some fun with it in your marketing content. Here are some ideas:

  • Run a coin flip discount day: For each purchase, have customers flip a coin and call heads or tails. If the customer wins, they get a percentage discount based on the value of the coin. Quarter flips = 25% off, dime flips = 10% off, and nickel flips = 5% off. Of course, you can adjust the discounts depending on your budget and customer volume.
june marketing ideas run a flip a coin discount
  • Create content about decision-making. You can use the below blog post title formulas for just about any industry:
    Don’t Leave It to Chance: How to Choose a [X] Wisely
    It’s a Toss-Up: Should You Use X or Y?
    Can’t Make Heads or Tails of X? Read This
    Don’t Flip a Coin When Deciding on Your Next [industry] Partner.
  • Gyms and trainers can share or run a coin flip workout.
june marketing ideas coin flip workout

Image source

Donut Day (Friday, June 4)

The people love the Fridays. And the people love the donuts. And on the first Friday in June, they come together on National. Donut. DAY. 

  • Create a new tradition: Local bakeries, if you want to do something beyond just discounts and coupons, announce to your audience a week or so prior that you’ll be coming out with a brand new, never-seen-before donut on this day—with a limited supply! Post little teasers on social media and your website to generate some excitement and mystery.  Better yet, continue the tradition annually. Your patrons will look forward to it every year!
  • Fitness businesses can offer or share an after-Donut Day workout. Donuts are delicious but not exactly marketing materials for the fitness industry. Host or post a Day After Donut Day workout.
  • Show customer appreciation: Bakeries can post pictures of your loyal customers, tagging them (with their permission)
june marketing ideas loyal customers on donut day

Or, do a Google search for “incredible donuts” and prepare to be amazed.

june marketing ideas incredible donut on donut day

I feel like this should be called the Batman donut

World Environment Day (Saturday, June 5)

We know that consumers look for businesses that support causes they care about—one of which being environmental protection. Here are some ways to show your support for this cause:

  • Collect donations for a charity or offer limited edition eco-friendly items.
  • Offer waste-reducing freebies with purchase, like a reusable bag or metal straws.
  • Even just creating visuals with appealing and earthy tones for your June 5th Instagram post can make a mark. 
june marketing ideas world environment day earth colored post on instagram

Best Friend Day (Tuesday, June 8)

National Best Friend Day is a relatable holiday and a great excuse for a sale. Run buy-one-get-one sales, promote your referral program, or run a tag-a-friend social media contest.

june marketing ideas national best friend day tag a friend post

And this one is pretty creative:

june marketing ideas best friend day funny facebook post

Iced Tea Day (Thursday, June 10)

While not everyone drinks it, iced tea day is a reminder that summer is here and the weather is beautiful, which puts everyone in a good mood. Here are some simple ways to celebrate:

  • If you collaborate with a local coffeehouse or bakery that specializes in tea, you can host a pop-up at your business and offer free tea for guests, or a coupon for a free tea with purchase.
  • If you have a brick-and-mortar location, hand out iced tea samples to get foot traffic and spread brand awareness!
  • Simply engage your audience with questions about their iced tea preferences.
june marketing ideas national iced tea day post

Nature Photography Day (Tuesday, June 14)

Nature Photography Day is more than, well, nature photography. It’s about using images to raise awareness and advance conservation and protection efforts for plants, wildlife, and landscapes.

Post some of your best nature photos on social and accompany them with an eye-opening stat pointing to the need for conservation.


Summer solstice (Sunday, June 20)

The summer solstice is the first, and longest, day of summer. This is the perfect time of year to launch a summer collection, throw a beach-themed event or sale, or offer a beach blanket or koozie with a purchase.

june marketing ideas new summer collection

Take Your Dog to Work Day (Friday, June 25)

Invite employees to bring their pooches to the office and don’t be shy about advertising their presence on Facebook. The promise of a puppy is enough motivation for people to brave the summer heat and stop by your shops.

june marketing ideas bring your dog to work day

And of course, this is the perfect contest opportunity.

june marketing ideas bring your dog to work day contest

Insurance Awareness Day (Monday, June 28)

Not the sexiest of national days, but a very important topic nonetheless. You can post a video with tips on how to assess your insurance, like with the example below:

june marketing ideas insurance awareness day video idea

Image source

Other ideas:

  • Lawyers and accountants can blog about the benefits of insurance for individuals and business owners, or resurface old posts on the topic.
  • Doctors and dentists can encourage patients to check out their insurance to make sure they have adequate coverage, or provide tips for connecting with insurance companies about procedures.
  • Massage therapists, chiropractors, and fitness centers should encourage clients to check their insurance benefits—many insurance companies offer coverage for massage and chiropractic treatments or subscriber discounts for joining a fitness center or gym.
  • Travel agents, bed and breakfasts, and hotels can use this day to blog about the benefits of travel insurance.

And let’s not forget about pet insurance…

june marketing ideas insurance awareness day pet insurance post

Final June marketing ideas

And why not throw in a few more for good measure? 

  • Repeat Day (Thursday, June 3): Re-run past promotions and campaigns that were popular among your customers.
  • Cancer Survivor’s Day (Sunday, June 6): Spotlight a team member or customer who is a cancer survivor, or simply post inspirational articles, quotes, and photos.
  • Selfie day (Monday, June 21): You know the drill!
  • Public Service Day (Wednesday, June 23)Feature a prominent member of the community on social media or offer a discount to those in the public sector who show ID.
june marketing ideas national selfie day photo

Can you top this?

Try out these June marketing ideas

And there you have it. A basketful of ideas and examples to keep your brand creative, attractive, and authentic! And as promised, here’s the promised list of June holidays and observances.

Full list of June holidays and observances


June 1

Go Barefoot Day
Say Something Nice Day
Penpal Day

June 2

National Leave The Office Early Day
National Running Day – First Wednesday in June

June 3
Repeat Day

June 4

Clean Beauty Day
Hug Your Cat Day
Donut Day – First Friday in June

June 5

Bubbly Day – First Saturday in June
Trails Day – First Saturday in June

June 6

Eyewear Day 
Higher Education Day
Gardening Exercise Day
Cancer Survivor’s Day – First Sunday in June
June 7

June 8

Best Friends Day
Call Your Doctor Day – Second Tuesday in June

June 10

Iced Tea Day
Herbs and Spices Day

June 11

Making Life Beautiful Day

June 12

Red Rose Day
Loving Day
Rosé Day – Second  Saturday in June

June 13

Kitchen Klutzes of America Day
Random Acts of Light Day
First Lady’s Day
Weed Your Garden Day
Sewing Machine Day
Children’s Day – Second Sunday in June

June 14

Army Birthday
Flag Day

June 15

Smile Power Day
Nature Photography Day

June 17

Garbage Man Day
Eat Your Vegetables Day
Mascot Day

June 18

National Splurge Day
Wear BLUE Day – Friday Before Father’s Day
National Flip Flop Day – Third Friday in June

June 19

June 20

Father’s Day – Third Sunday in June
Summer solstice/first day of summer/ longest Day of the Year

June 21

Daylight Appreciation Day
Selfie Day

June 22

HVAC Tech Day

June 23

National Hydration Day
National Pink Day

June 25

Take Your Dog to Work Day – Friday After Father’s Day

June 26
Beautician’s Day

June 27

Sunglasses Day
PTSD Awareness Day

June 28

Logistics Day
Insurance Awareness Day

June 29

Camera Day

June 30

Meteor Watch Day
Social Media Day




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Twitter Spacesとは何ですか? [+Why Marketers Should Care]


そして今、非常に議論されている機能は 最終的にすべてのアカウント所有者が利用可能 600人以上のフォロワーがいます。

スペース、 Twitterユーザーが公開の音声会話を聞いて参加できるようにします、直後にベータテストに参加しました 発売と1億ドルの評価 アプリClubhouseの-同様にオーディオチャットルーム体験を提供します。

さて、 Clubhouseのユーザーベースは拡大を続けています、そしてマーケターはそこで実験を始め、Twitterのフォロワーが多い多くのブランドもSpacesのブランドの可能性にもっと注意を向け始めています。


マーケターがTwitterSpacesにアクセスできるようになると、Clubhouseがまだ有効にしていないブランドの機会を提供できる可能性があることがわかりました。 両方のプラットフォームはまだ進化しており、変化や改善に合わせて両方を監視する必要がありますが、TwitterSpacesが競合他社に対してすでに持っているいくつかの強みは次のとおりです。


Twitterはもう終わりです 月間3億3000万人のアクティブユーザー。 そのユーザーベースには、世界中のさまざまな人口統計に適合するオーディエンスが含まれています。 このため、ブランドはあらゆる種類の業界やバックグラウンドのターゲットオーディエンスにリーチできます。

Clubhouseのユーザーベースは 急速に成長、それはやや排他的な性質のため、Twitterに匹敵するリーチを提供しません。 オーディオソーシャルアプリは当初、招待制であるように設計されており、 「エリート」業界の思想的リーダー、有名人、インフルエンサー。 ごく最近、毎日のユーザーが招待され始めました。

Clubhouseの招待制の独占権に加えて、アプリは IOSデバイスでのみ使用可能、ながら Twitterが発表したばかり SpacesをAndroidベースのベータテスターに​​まもなく展開する予定です。

2. Twitter Spacesは、より短い学習曲線を提供する可能性があります。

Clubhouseのようなまったく新しいソーシャルメディアアプリの使い方と実験方法を学ぶのは時間がかかる場合があります。 あなたはそれをナビゲートする方法を学ぶ必要があるだけでなく、そこでの聴衆に到達する方法を学ぶためにそのトップユーザー、ブランド、そしてトレンドを研究する必要もあります。

学習曲線を念頭に置いて、経験豊富なTwitterユーザーであるマーケターは、Twitterで既にフォロワーがいて、まったく新しいプラットフォームではなく、1つの追加機能の使用方法を学ぶだけでよいという理由だけで、Spaces overClubhouseに目を向ける可能性があります。

3. Twitter Spacesは、ブランドにとってより魅力的なものになる可能性があります。

Clubhouseのライブオーディオプラットフォームは、 本物の対人会話 Twitterの視聴者は、ブランド情報ではなく、次のようなブランドのコンテンツを見ることに慣れています。 広告、マーケティングビデオ、およびプロモーションフリート。 ブランドプロモーションはTwitterユーザーにとってより自然で一般的であると感じるため、これらのオーディエンスはブランド所有のSpaceを受け入れたり関与したりする可能性が高くなります。

4. TwitterSpacesは視覚的にインタラクティブです。



「」[The reaction feature]内向性と外向性のアクセシビリティの完璧なバランスだと私は考えているので、それは素晴らしいことです。 話すのが苦手な場合は、絵文字を使用してください」と、HubSpotのソーシャルメディアコミュニティマネージャーであり、SpacesのベータテスターであるKrystalWu氏は述べています。

5. Spacesは、他のストリーミングプラットフォームよりもカジュアルな環境を提供します。

「スペースに参加するときのプレッシャーはなくなります。私が参加したすべての議論では、議論されているトピックがどれほどカジュアルで重要であっても、はるかにリラックスしています」とウー氏は説明します。 「私たちのほとんどがこのパンデミックの間にズームをしているように、それが「オン」であるという感覚を取り除くので、私はこれを楽しんでいます。」





1. Twitterアプリに移動し、[投稿]ボタンを押し続けます。

iOSまたはAndroidアプリで、投稿ボタンを長押しして投稿オプションを表示します。 Spacesを利用できる場合は、そのアイコンが表示されます。 または、フィードの上部のフリートバーに移動し、プロフィール写真の[追加]アイコンをタップして、[スペースの開始]をタップしてスペースにアクセスすることもできます。

このプロセスでスペースボタンまたはアイコンが表示されない場合は、その機能にまだアクセスできない可能性があり、最初のスペースを作成するまで待つ必要がある場合があります。 ただし、スペースを作成できないユーザーは、スペースが表示された場合でも、スペースに合わせることができます。


フリートまたは投稿設定で[スペース]ボタンをタップすると、スペースの説明を入力するように求められます。 現時点では、最大10人のスピーカーを招待することもできます。 また、フォロワーや厳選されたTwitterユーザーに対して、誰でも発言をリクエストしたり、発言をリクエストしたりできるようにすることもできます。

この時点で、Twitterはすべてのスペースが公開されていると述べています。 これは、スペースを計画し、話す特権を有効にするときに覚えておくことが重要です。


誰かが話すことを要求すると、あなたは通知を受け取り、彼らに話す特権を与えるか、要求を無視するかを選択できます。 リスナーのミュートを解除する場合は、必ず聴衆に紹介してください。


話したいゲストが10人以上いる場合は、現在のスピーカーの1つをタップして、その特権を削除できます。 これにより、潜在的なスピーカーを最小限に抑えたり、スピーカーを追加したりできます。 これは、長時間のチャットを行っていて、複数のリスナーにディスカッションに参加してもらいたい場合に特に役立ちます。



さらに、会話がうまくいかなかったり、誰かが予期しないことを言ったりした場合、Twitterでは、スペースクリエーターが不適切なことを言ったり行ったりした場合に、スピーカーを報告またはブロックすることができます。 これは、モデレーターがすべてのリスナーと参加者のために安全で敬意のある環境を作成するのに役立ちます。


Clubhouseとは異なり、TwitterSpaceは起動した人だけが終了できます。 作成したスペースを終了するには、終了アイコンをタップするだけです。





TwitterはSpaceの記録を保持しているため、Spaceの作成者はTwitterがホストしてから30日以内にデータをダウンロードでき、スピーカーは発言の記録の文字起こしをダウンロードできます。 現時点では、Twitterはこれを詳細に行う方法を説明していません。 しかしながら、 詳細については、こちらをご覧ください




フォローしている人がスペースを開始すると、Twitterフィードの[フリート]領域に表示されます。 プロフィール写真が表示された1つの小さな円の代わりに、スペースクリエーターのプロフィール写真、参加者数、およびその下のクリエーターの名前を含む楕円形が表示されます。


それをタップすると、スペースにいる人の詳細が表示され、[スペースに参加]ボタンが表示されます。 スペースクリエーターが参加者全員に発言を許可している場合、下の画像に示すように、マイクをオンまたはオフにしてスペースに入るかどうかを尋ねられます。



リスナーにとって、スペースは少し似ています クラブハウスルーム スピーカーの名前と写真が上部に表示され、聴衆が下部に表示されます。 聴衆が多すぎる場合は、チャットのすべての人ではなく、追加のメンバーの数が表示されます。



一部のスペースでは、ミュートされていない人が10人未満の場合、参加者は誰でも話すことができます。 その間、他の人はよりプライベートになり、あなたがリクエストする必要があります。 スペースの左下隅にあるマイクアイコンを見ると、それぞれの違いがわかります。 このアイコンを使用すると、話すように要求するか、タップするとすぐにマイクがオンになります。


マイクの下に「リクエスト」という単語が表示されている場合は、アイコンをタップして話すように依頼できます。 Spaceのホストには、話したいことが通知され、リクエストを受け入れるか無視することができます。





スペースで話者が言ったことに応答したいが話したくない場合は、スペースの下部ナビゲーションにあるハート型のアイコンをタップして、視覚的な反応を示すためにタップできる絵文字のリストを表示できます。 。





“どれか [speaker] in the Spaceは、スペースの上部に表示されるツイートを共有できます。チャット中の参照ポイントとして使用できるため、ディスカッションでよりインタラクティブになります。」

以下は、Twitter独自の「スペース」スペースの外観です。 TwitterユーザーがSpace機能についてフィードバックできるチャット中に、スピーカーはSpacesが視覚的な形式で参加者をどのように優先するかについて誰かからのツイートを共有しました。


スペース内のツイートを共有するには、現在のスペースを最小限に抑え、公開ツイートを見つけ、[共有]ボタンをタップし、[スペース]オプションをタップするだけでよいとWu氏は言います。 そこから、スペースホストがツイートを削除するか、別のツイートが共有されるまで、ツイートはスペースの上部に表示されます。


あなたが聞いている議論に興味がありませんか? 終了するには、画面の右上隅にある[終了]ボタンをタップするだけです。



コミュニティ中心のマーケティング担当者であれば、Twitter SpacesまたはClubhouseは実験する価値があり、より会話的なレベルでオーディエンスにリーチするための優れた方法です。

Twitter Spacesのテストを検討することは間違いありませんが、引き続きClubhouseをフォローする必要があります。 Twitterには現在競争上の優位性があるかもしれませんが、Clubhouseはまだ進化を続けており、視聴者を急速に増やしており、オーディオソーシャルスペースで革新を続ける可能性があります。


オーディオソーシャルメディア現象を開始したClubhouseの詳細については、 この投稿をチェックしてください アプリの成長について。 チェックアウトすることもできます この詳細なハウツーガイド Clubhouseの機能がTwitterSpacesとどのように比較されるかを確認します。

Twitterの全体的なフォローと戦略を成長させることにもっと興味がありますか? 役立つ無料のリソースをダウンロードするには、以下をクリックしてください。



マーケターとして、あなたはあなたの見込み客と顧客がバイヤーの旅を通してあなたと対話するための道がいくつあるかを知っています。 これらの手段は、チャネル(PPC、Webサイト、電子メールキャンペーン、ソーシャルメディアなど)およびタッチポイント(特定の広告、ブログ投稿、ソーシャルメディア投稿、電子メールなど)を指します。 マーケティングアトリビューションモデリングは、これらすべての影響を判断するのに役立ちます マーケティング活動

Continue reading アトリビューションモデリングとは何ですか、なぜそれがそれほど重要なのですか